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DUO (2020)



Marko Feri & Janoš Jurinčič, guitars


Mozart - Sonata K.310 no.8 in A minor

Beethoven - Bagatelles from opp. 119 and 126

Debussy - Children's Corner / 4 Preludes (Book 1)


transcriptions for 2 guitars: Marko Feri


Baros Records


From booklet:


The guitar duo is perhaps the richest and most satisfying enunciation of the guitar’s considerable charms. In the simplest terms, the range of pitches and variety of textures is exponentially increased in duo playing, when the normal physical and geographical limitation of a single fretting hand is eliminated. Duo playing does away with the guitar’s notorious 0 to 3 sharp key preferences, and at least doubles the dynamic capabilities of the instrument. All of this puts the guitar duo on a footing closer to that of the solo piano, so it makes perfect sense that arrangers have looked to the piano repertoire for material which can be adapted to guitar duo.


The present disc features insightful and welcome discoveries, and newly arranges some well-loved favourites from the solo piano repertoire by the canonical composers, Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy. Taken together, these composers represent peak moments in the piano repertoire from the Classical, Romantic and post-Romantic periods, when the piano was ubiquitous; a local presence in many homes, and a staple of the salon and concert hall.


Jeffrey McFadden


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